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General Information

Every summer, Teresa Farnum & Associates, Inc. (TFA) goes on the road to conduct workshops related to student retention and recruitment. Workshop topics are based on what research and practice show are the most timely, most relevant areas that administrators and faculty are concerned about today.


In 2010, TFA hosted 3-day workshops in Washington, D.C. and Chicago, IL. Session topics related to one of three main topics: 1. Student Retention, 2. Adult Learners, and 3. Predictive Modeling and included

  • Supporting the Persistence of Underprepared Students
  • The Role of Faculty in Retention Initiatives
  • Creating a Successful Retention Plan
  • Case Study in Using Retention Data
  • Retention 101
  • Retention 201
  • Designing Student Satisfaction Surveys
  • Case Studies in Predictive Modeling for Retention
  • Retention of Adult Learners
  • Recruitment of Adult Learners
  • Predictive Modeling in the Admissions Funnel
  • Case Studies in Predictive Modeling for Recruitment

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2011 Location and Dates

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Session information, facilitators, and cost information coming soon.

This was the single most effective workshop I have ever attended.

Jochen Krantz
Academic Dean
Herzing College—New Orleans

I found Teresa Farnum's workshops to be very practical and easy to implement. I feel confident that we will be able to achieve our objective of improving retention as a result of what I learned.


Debbie C. Norris, Ph.D.
Vice President for Planning
Assessment & Graduate Dean
Mississippi College

Teresa Farnum is an excellent workshop facilitator. I would recommend that other institutions do what we did—four of us attended the workshops, two from the Academic side and two from the Student Development side. This worked really well for us!

Dr. Andrea Croce Birch
Dean, Schoul of Fine Arts and Humanities
Brenau University

As a new Director of Retention, I found this workshop EXTREMELY helpful in helping me to identify the strategies and processes necessary to create a Retention Plan that includes EVERYONE in the retention process. I can't wait to get started!

Jennifer B. Settlemyer
Director of Retention
Newberry College