Retention Planning Package

  • Determined to get serious about developing strategic initiatives, tasks, and deadlines to promote student success at your institution?


  • Eager to gather the major players in student retention and engage in an event that promotes the exchange of ideas, working toward collaborative goals, and bridging stakeholder communication?


  • Ready to adopt a student-centered philosophy that makes students’ educational experiences a top priority at your institution? 

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A Retention Planning Retreat can be a transformational experiences for many institutions—an identifiable tipping point at which student success initiatives start building real momentum. For this, one of TFA’s most requested services, we have developed a 1½-day watershed event that promotes an impactful, catalytic experience for your institution. 

Outcomes of the Planning Retreat include:    

  • Data-driven Retention Plan with Target Populations 
  • Measureable Goals for Each Population 
  • Strategies to Achieve the Goals 
  • Template for Action Plans   
  • Customized Retention Data Dashboard 
  • Set of Suggested Next Steps

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