Student Recruitment Assessments

  • Are you thinking about how to strategically and effectively increase the number of new students enrolling at your institution?


  • Curious about how you can shape the profile of your students to your targeted enrollment plans?


  • Wondering whether your institution could be more efficient and effective in its marketing and recruiting efforts?

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This assessment can help you reinvigorate your institution’s current recruitment efforts by providing a thorough analysis of existing marketing plans and strategies, marketing materials, student profiles, and admissions processes.

TFA's 1½-day recruitment assessment considers the full spectrum of recruitment-relevant information, then helps you determine ways to maximize your campus resources so that you can attain your goals.

From your assessment, you will receive:

  • Five top priorities for immediate action—customized to your unique circumstances
  • Creative ideas for implementing effective marketing and recruitment strategies
  • Executive summary detailing process and findings
  • Option to receive long-term support in building and sustaining effective enrollment programs

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