Retention & Recruitment Assessments

  • Need to strategize about what steps your institution can take to adopt a holistic, resource-savvy approach to increasing total enrollment?


  • Do you want to identify the key factors that make or break decisions to enroll at your institution and, similarly, decisions to persist?


  • Are you wanting to encourage enrollment management stakeholders to work collaboratively toward agreed-upon initiatives?

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Retention and recruitment go hand-in-hand. Oftentimes, the most effective way to maximize your enrollment management efforts is to simultaneously address these two related processes. A TFA Retention & Recruitment Assessment does precisely that, offering comprehensive solutions to increase your total enrollment.

Your 1½-day Retention & Recruitment Assessment provides you with: 

  • A customized list of priorities that you can use to improve new student enrollment, retention, and graduation rates 
  • Creative strategies for implementing and carrying out top priorities 
  • The option to obtain long-term support in building and sustaining effective retention and recruitment programs  
  • A savings of $1000 over a purchase of separate Recruitment and Retention Assessments

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