Direct Marketing: List Purchasing and Testing

  • Is it your intention to be strategic in your adult recruitment efforts by purchasing “lists” or “names” of potential students but you don’t know where to start?


  • Are you aware of adult lists that are available for purchase but are having difficulty making sense of the benefits and drawbacks of the many options?


  • In general, do you believe that your institution should be doing more to recruit adult learners but feel overwhelmed by the complexity involved in direct marketing to adult learners?

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Purchasing “lists” or “names” is common practice in recruiting traditional-age students, but acquiring adult lists is a significantly more complicated process. TFA’s List Selection and Testing service provides your institution with a carefully designed name purchase strategy that eliminates the complexity and difficulties inherent in adult list purchasing.

Hundreds of list sources are available for adults, all of which have different advantages, limitations, and costs; TFA researches these sources and makes recommendations based on your institution’s established markets, available programs, and financial parameters. We can even make the list purchase for you. Once names are purchased and direct mail campaigns launched, campaign effectiveness is determined.


Your purchase of TFA’s Adult Learner List Testing and Purchasing service includes:

  • Written report, including:
    • List search strategyList purchase recommendations by market segment
    • Post-Campaign Analysis (PCA) summary
  • Review of direct mail piecesHosting of data files and associated maintenance responsibilities
  • Data file prepared for mailing (i.e., matched to your institution’s database format)
  • 1/2 day on-site consultation
  • Remote support available throughout process

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