Second-Year Programming


When it comes to retention, first-year students tend to be the focus of institutional resources, national research, and collegial discussions. However, many institutions—particularly after a thorough assessment of their data—are increasingly coming to realize that concentrating on second-to-third year retention is equally important. Programs that are effective for first-year students, though, are not necessarily appropriate for sophomores: sophomores have a different set of needs related to academics, advising, career development, social engagement, and personal values.

Although structuring a successful sophomore services program (even on a limited budget) is at times achievable in-house, getting the project “off the ground” can prove challenging. Our consultants help ensure that your best intentions don’t stall out and that an attainable, effective vision of the sophomore year experience is developed and realized. By combining data assessment, best practices based on research, and applied skills in building institutional capacities, TFA will provide a framework for structuring strategic sophomore-focused services that can have significant positive impact on your total enrollment.


    Service Deliverables:

    • Thorough compilation and assessment of data related to retention of second-year students
    • Customized Sophomore Retention Data Dashboard
    • Development of target services for sophomores
    • Customized strategies to increase second-to-third year retention and market sophomore services
    • Designation of teams to move the initiative forward following TFA consultations
    • Continued remote support during implementation phase

    See TFA's New Report on Second-Year Programming in Higher Education


First Visit: Exploration and Assessment


  • Discuss sophomore issues with key leaders, faculty, staff, and students
  • Determine data that will be helpful in understanding sophomore attrition
  • Prepare for the Facilitated Planning Consultation
  • Construct participant lists
  • Decide on logistics for next visit (Facilitated Planning Retreat)


Second Visit: Facilitated Planning Workshops


  • Assess Sophomore Retention Data Dashboard, developed by TFA between visits one and two
  • Designate four teams—based on data assessment and priority strategies—to develop action plans and lead implementation
  • Outline specific plans of actions, deadlines, and responsible parties
  • Create an itinerary

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